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I am a workplace rights attorney turned career strategist and workplace consultant. For years I helped legal clients navigate workplace issues. From bakers and graphic designers to college professors, inventors, and doctors, I helped hundreds of people from a variety of industries and career backgrounds resolve their most challenging workplace problems. 

Career and workplace strategies that make a difference.  

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“After I was terminated from my last job because of my pregnancy, I was so discouraged and lost. I knew Candace had worked as an employment discrimination attorney, so I reached out to her on Instagram. She was so empathetic and kindly shared resources with me that helped me find a lawyer in my state to assist with my case. After that, I knew I could trust Candace to help me navigate the next phase of my career. Candace helped me define my values and priorities and helped me see the value in getting creative with my career. We developed a two-phase plan to help me re-enter the workforce and balance working parenthood. Since working with Candace, I have landed several new design contracts and have been able to do it while staying home with my baby daughter. I’m so happy I found Candace and would recommend her to everyone!” – Kayla, graphic designer 

“I started following Candace years ago on her The Mom at Law Instagram account. I always loved and appreciated her career advice, blog posts, and advocacy for working parents, so I was very excited to begin using her career coaching services this year. I worked with Candace on a coaching package that helped me transition into my work as a solo practitioner. Having previously worked as a senior associate for a midsize law firm, I was accustomed to the firm infrastructure and needed help learning how to market my services and develop a solid business plan. Candace helped me navigate the transition from associate to business owner and helped me develop my social media marketing strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I would recommend Candace to anyone looking for help with a career transition!” – Ashley, attorney and entrepreneur 

My Clients

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As The Mom at Law®, I help women lawyers reimagine the way they use their legal skills to navigate career transitions and find their happy place both in and outside the law.


As a career strategist, I help high achieving professionals realize their potential and build the confidence and clarity they need to achieve the career of their dreams.


How can I help you?

As a workplace consultant, I help employers create healthy, inclusive workplaces where people want to work.  I help employers improve business and form lasting relationships.


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