Hi, I'm Candace.

Career and workplace strategies that make a difference.  

I am a workplace rights attorney turned career strategist and workplace consultant. For years I helped legal clients navigate workplace issues. From bakers and graphic designers to college professors, inventors, and doctors, I helped hundreds of people from a variety of industries and career backgrounds resolve their most challenging workplace problems.

Representing workers in employment discrimination matters brought me an incredible amount of satisfaction, but there were many things about the practice of law that left me uninspired and unfulfilled.

While part of me loved the pomp and formality of law, another part of me grew ever frustrated with the rigidity of it.

I loved succeeding for a client in a win or settlement agreement, but I hated the adversarial nature of the process and the negative effects it had on parties to a case.
Over time I started to realize there had to be a better way for me to use my talents and contribute to the world in a manner that felt powerful and authentic.
In 2017 I officially made the leap by resigning from my full-time job with my law firm, switching to an “of counsel” role, and diving deeper into my creative side.


Fast forward a few years and I have found my career happy place as a workplace consultant educating employers on inclusive workplace strategies and as a career strategist helping lawyers and high achieving professionals become unstuck and build careers they love. While these days I rarely see the inside of a courtroom, I continue to do what I do best—helping hardworking professionals overcome their most pressing career and workplace dilemmas. 

The work I do feels like the best of both worlds, a way to create change, inspire, and remake lives and workplaces from the ground up, which I do through 1:1 coaching programs, in-person trainings, online education, and speaking engagements.

My work has been featured in numerous places including New York Post, Scary Mommy, The Muse, Fairygodboss, ThoughtCo., POPSUGAR, Working Mother Magazine, The EveryMom, Thrive Global, Vault, TODAY, Ladders, Attorney at Law Magazine, and more.

In addition to my coaching and consulting work, I am known globally as The Mom at Law®, a working parents advocate and funny mom extraordinaire. In three years, I have organically grown my online audience on The Mom at Law from zero to almost 200,000 followers worldwide. I also create content on a contract basis for brands like Her View From Home and Netflix Family, and, chances are, I recently made you laugh on the Internet.

“Working with Candace gave me the confidence I needed to negotiate my salary at work and request an adjustment to my work schedule with my longtime employer. As a midcareer lawyer and new mom, I was nervous about rocking the boat and asking for too much, but Candace gave me the confidence I needed to define my value so that I knew exactly how to present the case for my request. As a result, I was able to negotiate for more flexibility with my hours, take on new types of client work, and receive my requested salary increase. As a lawyer, I loved knowing I was working with someone who also had a ‘lawyer brain’ and who knew the challenges I faced as a lawyer and mom.” – Jenna, attorney

“Candace gave me the confidence to live my working mom life out loud and to embrace creativity as a professional. I hired Candace because I needed help finding new ways to bring in business to the midsize law firm where I work as an associate. Nothing I learned in law school was helpful in this regard, and I had a huge aversion to marketing on social media. Candace helped me get to the root of my fears during our coaching sessions and helped me develop a digital marketing strategy that felt authentic and professional. I have already started generating new business for my firm, and I know it is all due to my work with Candace.” – Diana, attorney 

My Clients

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My family.  My husband is a physician and we have three children, a six-year-old son and three-year-old boy/girl twins.  Our life is incredible and insane.  Send coffee.

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My Peleton Bike.  I have loved indoor cycling since law school and getting my Peloton was a gamechanger.  I also love Tracy Anderson Method Online Studio workouts (don’t tell my Peloton). You can find me on Peloton (and everywhere else) at @themomatlaw.

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Fall.  Fall always reminds me of the new school year, which I loved growing up. As a 90s kid, September makes me want to order a bunch of vests from the JCPenney Catalog and stock up on SunnyD.

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Buffalo.  I have lived in Buffalo, New York my whole life. I grew up in the city, went to Buffalo public schools, and went to college and law school here, too. I love the parks, history, art, culture, and the food. Also, I am pretty sure Wegmans Café got me through every exam in college.

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My Nespresso Machine.  Life changing. I have a very specific morning routine that begins with my Nespresso Machine and Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha Coffee Creamer.

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Early 2000s Comedies.  Nineties throwbacks are a favorite, but I am a serious student of early 2000s comedies. Whenever I need inspiration for a meme, I take a moment to reflect and ask what Ron Burgundy would do. 60% of the time it works every time.

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My Seaside Summer Home.  Just kidding. I don’t have one of these yet, but I believe in the law of attraction, so I’m ready whenever you are, Beach House in Nantucket. 

My Favorite Things

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