employee engagement

Are you an employer who cares about retaining your investment in your workers? Do you desire a workplace where employees are instinctively motivated to perform their best? Are you looking for a strategy to reduce turnover, internal grievances, and discrimination complaints against your company?

Fostering engagement among employees is a vital part of recognizing—and retaining—valuable talent and reducing turnover rates. High employee engagement contributes to employee retention and employee productivity. According to Harvard Business Review, highly engaged organizations have double the rate of success of lower engaged organizations.

Using a proprietary method developed from years of education and experience in employment law and business, I help employers create a collaborative workplace culture of dedicated, engaged employees.

Alnaji Career and Workplace Strategies, LLC provides the following services to employers

As a career strategist and workplace consultant, I help employers create collaborative, inclusive work environments where people want to work. From onboarding through outplacement services, I help support your workforce throughout the entire employment relationship.

personal branding

You have built an all-star team. Now, showcase their talent. Supporting your employees’ professional identities goes a long way toward supporting your business. Not only does recognizing and promoting internal talent contribute to a culture of engaged employees, but it can lead to more for your business as well—more exposure, more leads, and more good will generated throughout the local and global communities. 

Working parent support

According to Pew Research Center, roughly a quarter of working parents say they have been treated as if they weren’t committed to their work because they have children, while 17% say they have been passed over for an important assignment. In addition, 16% say they have been passed over for a promotion for this reason. Mothers are more likely than fathers to say they’ve had each of these experiences.

Over time, these experiences contribute to workplace inequity for working parents, leading to workforce attrition for working mothers and fathers alike.
Helping employees navigate parental transitions is a vital part of retaining top talent. Understanding the unique needs and career desires of working parents is key to remaining competitive in an everchanging workplace landscape. As an experienced working parent advocate and management consultant, I help businesses support employees navigating the intersection of career and family.

outplacement coaching

Providing employees with outplacement services can save businesses time, money, and the reputational harm associated with layoffs and terminations. Studies show that outplacement services can reduce liability and generate good will among former employees and the community.

As a career coach with a background representing workers in employment matters, I have years of experience guiding individuals through career and workplace transitions. I understand the skill and compassion required for workers navigating the post-employment landscape. I provide employers with peace of mind knowing their former talent is in good hands and on the path toward new employment.

diversity, equity, and inclusion

If you are an employer seeking training, education, and support for your workplace, I provide customized diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. 

With a background as a workplace rights attorney, experience as a management consultant, and Diversity and Inclusion training from Cornell University,  I help employers create inclusive and equitable workplaces where people want to work using research-backed tools and human-centered strategies.

My Clients

kind words from

“I worked with Candace on a 90-minute strategy session for help preparing for a workplace negotiation. Her advice and guidance were invaluable. She helped me develop a strategy for entering salary negotiations and empowered me to believe in my bargaining power. Thanks to her coaching, I was able to negotiate a salary increase and advocate for myself at work in a way I’ve never done before.”
– Jessica, mental health professional

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