In addition to being the founder of Alnaji Career and Workplace Strategies, LLC, Candace Alnaji is also the founder of The Mom at Law®, a virtual platform and community that specializes in helping women lawyers navigate career transitions.
Originally founded in 2017 as a creative endeavor inspired by Candace’s experiences as a mother and lawyer representing other mothers in the workplace, today The Mom at Law serves an audience nearly 200,000 strong. Through The Mom at Law, Candace provides programs and coaching to women lawyers seeking navigating career transitions in or outside the law.

why women lawyers?

Like any group, women lawyers are a diverse lot. However, we have many things in common, too. We are ambitious. We started our legal education bright-eyed and hopeful, eager to take on the challenges before us. Second, we are determined and scrappy—you don’t earn the “Esq.” without taking your lumps and paying your dues.

Further, as moms, we are united by the common thread of motherhood in all its exhausting, all-consuming, beautiful, frustrating glory. We want equity. We want equality. We moms at law are tough. But that doesn’t mean we can—or should—face our personal and professional challenges alone.

The Mom at Law® Coaching Program Helps
Women Lawyers Who

Are interested in making a career change but feel "stuck."

Want to switch practice areas, but need help highlighting or developing the relevant experiences and skillset.

Have not searched for a new job in several years and need to craft a modern, effective résumé.

Have a new career in mind, but need additional assistance strategizing the transition.

Feel directionless and need help identifying and developing their next career goals.

Want to strongly position themselves for a promotion or practice area switch within their firm.

Are re-entering the workforce and need help developing their job search strategy.

Need guidance on a discrete career or workplace strategy issue.

My Clients

kind words from

“I’m a recovering attorney who has followed Candace’s story for years on her Mom at Law blog and Instagram account. Reading about her experiences as a lawyer finding a new creative professional outlet inspired me to make my own career transition and leave a soul-sucking job I hated. With Candace’s help, I pivoted to consulting in my area of expertise. Candace’s insights were so helpful. I would never have made the leap without her experience!  - Natalie, attorney turned consultant

The Mom at Law® coaching program focuses on the following issues:

Seeking greater flexibility in the law

Leaving BigLaw

Finding support and flexibility within BigLaw

Exploring alternative career paths within the law

Exploring alternative career paths outside the law

Navigating workplace accommodation requests related to pregnancy and workplace lactation rights

Negotiating benefits and terms of employment

Remaining professionally active during a career break

Transitioning to a "work from home" model

Preparing for and returning from maternity leave

Becoming a working parent advocate

Becoming your own personal advocate at home and at work

Starting a lawyer mom blog, a legal blog, a mommy blog, or other online endeavor

Developing and refining your personal brand

Landing a new job through the hidden job market

Building a bridge to a new practice area

And more

To learn about my services for women lawyers and browse program packages, visit The Mom at Law Coaching Program.

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